Pratt Fine Arts Center

Founded in 1976, Pratt Fine Arts Center is a multi-disciplinary arts education and resource nonprofit serving over 3,000 students and 500 working artists. As Pratt embarked upon a major renovation and expansion, they tasked Hum with creating an overarching rebrand that reflects their mission, inspires and connects with their diverse audience, and encourages both student and donor growth.

Hum guided Pratt’s large stakeholder group through a well-defined process, building consensus and buy-in along the way. Gleaning insights from extensive market research, Hum positioned the institution as an inclusive cultural necessity and leader in the creative fabric of the Pacific Northwest. The new brand identity and tagline portray Pratt as an open door to the transformative powers of the arts. An orange color palette nods to their previous branding, and the complete brand world highlights diversity of skill level, background, and discipline.

The resulting work has proven a point of confidence and pride for Pratt. Hum’s development of extensive brand guidelines, print-ready marketing materials, design templates, and web design direction have ensured a successful brand rollout and next phase for the institution.

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