Cornish College of the Arts

Cornish is nationally recognized as a premier arts college, and one of only three fully accredited private colleges in the US dedicated to both performing and visual arts. Facing declining enrollment, the head of institutional advancement tasked Hum with increasing prospective student enrollment, retaining current students, and guiding Cornish to a new market position.

Hum translated extensive market research into key brand pillars, and overhauled Cornish’s marketing materials with an sophisticated look and feel. This work included clarifying key messages; developing a clear content strategy; and art directing a campus-wide photoshoot. We also proposed quick-read profiles, which helped students imagine their lives as a Cornish student.

Hum’s work for Cornish received unanimous support across all disciplines and a large board of stakeholders. The response from potential students has been overwhelmingly positive. Cornish distributed more copies than any other viewbook, even ordering a second print run.

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