Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle is a cultural center and performance hall fostering community, creativity, and conversation by hosting diverse voices on its historic stages. Hum developed a campaign to build brand awareness in anticipation of major renovations and fundraising efforts.

Hum positioned Town Hall as a hub of culture, ideas, and community by visually juxtaposing audience members with artists, writers, scientists, or performers. Hum designed campaign components spanning multiple channels, including printed materials, event signage, schwag, and mass advertising.

The Come Together campaign introduced Town Hall to an expansive new audience, and helped Town Hall exceed fundraising goals. “Come Together at Town Hall” has become a unifying brand statement, providing a guiding vision for Town Hall’s internal team and rallying their engaged audience.

Marketing materials featured a patchwork of people, organizations, and issues to represent Town Hall’s diverse programming, accessible for all.

The mass transit campaign highlighted Town Hall as a connector of people and ideas by juxtaposing audience members with artists, writers, scientists, and performers.

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