South Lake Union Block Party 2015

Seattle’s South Lake Union is not only a booming tech and life sciences hub; it’s also a burgeoning residential community. Vulcan tasked Hum with developing a friendly look and feel for the 2015 South Lake Union Block Party, a neighborhood celebration featuring live music, arts, a BBQ, and more.

Hum developed a festive visual system complete with a bright color palette and custom typeface for poster art, collateral, and signage. The family of grilling, dancing, and biking letterforms highlighted South Lake Union as a real neighborhood where people live, hang out, and have fun. Hum-designed tote bags are still regularly seen on the streets of Seattle, and we’re happy to be partnering with Vulcan again for 2017’s festivities.

Hum’s lively branding welcomed block party-goers to the neighborhood, main stage, and beer garden.

A complete set of illustrated letterforms encouraged custom interactions at every brand touchpoint.

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