Theo Chocolate

As the first organic, fair-trade-certified cocoa producer in the U.S., Theo Chocolate is a leader in the burgeoning craft chocolate movement, selling their bean-to-bar products across the country. Facing a new crop of hungry competitors, Theo hired Hum to overhaul their website on the verge of an ambitious product launch.

Hum created a dynamic website for Theo that shares their company values, visualizes their unique process, builds brand engagement, and encourages factory tours and sales. Hum’s design solutions were informed by considered user profiles and a smart content strategy, resulting in a robust website that works hard, but feels like an effortless extension of the brand.

Hum also built behind-the-scenes tools crucial for Theo’s growth, including an easy-to-use CMS, e-commerce solutions, a wholesale portal, tour scheduling, and comprehensive analytics.

The website launched as Theo prepared for their busiest season ever. In addition to encouraging sales and improving wholesale partnerships, the new site streamlined internal operations, freeing the Theo team to focus on making great chocolate that is good for the world.

A dynamic shop design highlights product categories and seasonal offerings in a refreshing and visual way.
Product pages reiterate Theo’s values by outlining ingredient sourcing information, certifications, and related content.
Animated product thumbnails feature Theo’s seasonal packaging and delicious flavor cues.
Featured ingredients encourage sales from Theo’s engaging blog posts, such as recipes.

Custom illustrations and infographics visualize Theo’s commitment to ethical sourcing.

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