As the largest conservation and community-building organization in the Northwest, Forterra’s challenged its audience to address grave issues—population explosion; climate change; loss of biotic diversity; energy scarcity; and loss of natural lands, farms, and forests—and commit to harness change and growth for the good at its 19th annual awards breakfast. Hum developed a sub-brand that showcased Forterra’s innovative, bold, and entrepreneurial work to create a sense of urgency around the Northwest’s most precious resources.

Hum created impactful fundraising materials with an urgent and youthful aesthetic, and art directed a photoshoot connecting the audience to our region. We translated complex data into beautiful, engaging infographics, which call upon the audience to imagine themselves as part of a larger community. The result was a moving suite of materials, and one of Forterra’s most successful fundraisers to date. Hum has continued to build the Forterra audience through multiple marketing initiatives, including the bi-annual editorial publication, Ampersand magazine.

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