Just east of Seattle, the rapidly growing city of Bellevue is enjoying a surge of new restaurants, rooftop gardens, and coffee shops. Facing a saturated market and a discerning audience, coffee professional Sarah Doud and world-renowned confectionary chef Ewald Notter hired Hum to develop and launch a truly fresh coffee concept.

Hum embarked on a comprehensive branding process, beginning with a name and creative strategy. “To dote” is to unabashedly express affection, and Hum developed a brand that visualizes that warmth. Dote’s clean logotype is made delightful with special-touch adornments and colorful badges offering endearing sweet nothings. Hum extended Dote’s refined-yet-playful aesthetic to all brand touchpoints, including signage, menus, packaging, and a web presence.

Dote Coffee Bar opened to much anticipation in Kemper Development’s Market Hall within the ambitious Lincoln Square expansion. Just across from the new W Hotel, SoulCycle, and Nordstrom Rack, Dote Coffee has become a destination for locals and travelers in need of a daily indulgence.


Colorful badges add a personal charm to Dote’s clean and flexible brand system, adorning customer loyalty cards, treat bags, and coffee by the pound.

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