We're a band of creatives, and
our clients' biggest champions.
We're also sparkling water connoisseurs and Sheryl Crow enthusiasts.
We find surprising yet natural solutions to complex questions.
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We're a bunch of introverts,
and one extrovert.
Kate Harmer
Founder & Creative Director
Kate Harmer

Kate is a thoughtful leader and listener, ensuring that our clients’ needs and aspirations are met through consistent yet surprising strategy and creative. As the owner and creative director of Hum Creative, Kate has a knack for recognizing and fostering talent. She received her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts and an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Beginning at Starbucks Global Creative, she’s been working as an illustrator and designer for more than 10 years.

Andrew Nedimyer
Interactive Lead
Andrew Nedimyer

Andrew has the ability to see a project from every angle without losing sight of the critical details. He places high value on simple design and forward thinking web technologies, working with clients such as Rachel’s Ginger Beer, RIPNDIP, Cascade Designs, Bose, and T-Mobile. Before joining Hum, Andrew designed skateboard parks and ran his own design and development studio. His varied skills and strengths make him a total unicorn. Andrew is both alumni and web design faculty at Seattle Central Creative Academy.

Drew Hamlet
Design Director
Drew Hamlet

Always first to deliver the punchline, Drew’s work is both conceptual and clever. His ability to define and extend a brand voice is complemented by great taste and a contemporary take on design. Drew attended Cornish College of the Arts, where he graduated with a degree in Visual Communication. After working with clients such as Amazon, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and 
Seattle’s Best Coffee, he joined the Hum Creative team to focus on forming more personal, long-term connections with clients.

Aaron Bloom
Senior Designer
Aaron Bloom

Aaron is a thoughtful designer that brings a positive energy and confident communication to each project. His work is both strong and surprising, offering the best possible product that is a natural realization of the brand. Aaron has a degree in graphic design from Seattle Central Creative Academy and has worked with clients including Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Microsoft, Starbucks Global Creative, Seattle Theatre Group, and the Seattle Times.

Lindsay Dygert
Account Director
Lindsay Dygert

With a keen eye for detail and ingrained love of scheduling, Lindsay was born to manage the studio. She uses her stellar organizational skills to keep projects on track and designers and clients happy. Her eight years of previous experience in the non-profit and architecture sectors give her the unique ability to see a project through the client’s eyes, allowing her to help guide creative to great design that fully expresses the brand or organization it represents.

Guthrie Lonergan
Guthrie Lonergan

Learning to program before puberty, Guthrie was addicted to the Internet before this was socially acceptable. More recently he has exhibited his Internet art in venues such as the Sundance Film Festival and New York’s New Museum. Willing to try new things and constantly push boundaries, Guthrie’s work makes complex, often lofty, ideas a reality. A graduate of UCLA’s Design | Media Arts program, he lives and codes in sunny Hollywood, California.

"Hum helped me turn my business idea into a real thing. Watching Eye Eye take off so quickly has been awesome, and Hum played a huge role in that."
—Dr. William Pentecost of Eye Eye
We work and play from a place of kindness, curiosity, and mutual respect.
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