Gift Inspiration 2014
December 16, 2014

It’s getting down to the wire for Christmas shopping, and we know that feeling when  you just can’t figure out what to get all the people in your life. It’s too easy to jump to the internet and buy from the big retailers when it starts to creep toward the 25th, so we’re here to help! We’ve each compiled a few of our favorite local, social, or small-batch gifts, that we hope you’ll love.


1. Analog Coffee Gift Card – The best coffee shop in Seattle. Serving up Herkimer coffee by some of the nicest folks in Seattle. Their bottles of Cold Brew also make a great gift!

2. Growler of Rachel’s Ginger Beer – Give the gift of flavorful hydration. Also a great companion to your favorite hard alcohol. When empty, the bottles (designed by our own Aaron Bloom!) make for great water bottles!


3. Swift industries bandito bag for bike people its just about burrito sized! That means it won’t wiggle around on your rides, but still holds all your necessities.

4. NVM by TACOCAT on vinyl – We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love this catchy, fun, smart album by one of our favorite local bands. Also the delicious album art makes it a pretty gift to look at while you listen.


5. Kathleen Whitaker Stick Stud Earrings – These earrings are perfection, a subtle way to make a big statement. And in a less subtle statement, Ann is going to print out a photo of them to stick on her husband’s computer.

6. Lightning Paw fragrance from OLO – If you’re on the hunt for a more natural go-to fragrance for winter, check out the Portland fragrance geniuses, OLO. The Lightning Paw is one part floral and one part dirty hippie; a winning combo. And like any good fragrance, it only smells better the longer you wear it.


7. Topo Designs Chest Strap – It has the potential to transform a normal backpack into a better backpack by adding extra support in the easiest way. And as we get older, we need more support.

8. Snowpeak Hotlips Mug –  It’s cold out and you want to drink hot things, without burning your lips. This cup is light and strong, and with a few adjustments, it’s a stove!


9. Seattle Thunderbird Tickets – A favorite Seattle area activity for all! There is nothing like bonding over a pre-game snack at the RAM, and then watching 16 year olds cut time away from math homework to play professional level hockey.

10. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit – The best, and actually legal, way to (kinda) make your own whiskey. The greatest part of this gift is that whoever you get it for has to share some along the aging process. You know,  to really gauge the details.


11. Second Sight Strong Scotch Ale by Black Raven Brewing – It is a pretty darn tasty beer from a pretty great Redmond brewery. And I bet you’ll end up getting a pint, too.

12. Air Plant Terrarium from The Palm Room – The simplicity of the plant is gorgeous, and all the people at The Palm Room in Ballard are so helpful and knowledgeable, you’ll be able to keep the thing alive. Which is really the best gift – a green thumb.



13. “Twisted Sister” necklace by Society of These – All of Society of These’s pieces are stunning, handmade right here in Seattle, affordable, and so versatile. The softness of the fabric with the metal is lovely, and Kathleen thinks this counts as dropping a hint for her birthday.

14. “Splatter Pillow” by Nell and Mary – If you have someone in your life who would appreciate a splatter paint pillow, (and who doesn’t really?), Portland’s Nell and Mary are my favorite. Their colors tend to be neutral enough to go with any aesthetic, but they throw in lovely colors that really pop. And if you like more structured or geometric designs, they have many, many wonderful ones.



15. “Juice Till Dinner” kit from Juice Box –  Juice Box is a lovely organic juice bar & cafe in Seattle. Their cold pressed juices are so tasty, and we are pretty sure drinking these lil’ health grenades will negate any amount of peppermint bark consumption.

16. “Design is a Job” by Mike Monteiro – This book gives readers all the necessary tools to be a successful creative professional. A great gift for design students and freelancers in any creative field.